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CompSci Stuff...

I am intrested in most areas of Computer Science, from systems, to hardware, to semantics. Most of which I have discovered during my time at Cambridge studying Computer Science. Here is a flavour of some things I have been up to recently:

My current work...

As part of my work I have recently used the following bits and bobs:

Why computing...

I have always been fascinated by how things work. I remember vividly always being drawn towards seem what happened when you flicked a light switch, or how Mum could talk to people through this bit of plastic even though they lived miles away. I often get reminded about asking my parents how the telephone worked. (Something I still am not completly convinced I have a good answer for!)

When starting to write, I was always frustrated at trying to work out the correct spellings when writing and getting annoyed at the mess that happens when you keep getting things all up mixed when you write them down. Then I discovered this box that helped me and would give me some feedback on my attempts at how to spell things. Sadly, spell checking and my spelling is improved to the extent I do not get to laugh so much at the suggestions I get back from the spell checker! So giving in to my curiosity, I started to gain and interest in these crazily complicated light switches!

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